Do I Need a Website?

I hear people say all of the time that they don’t feel like they need a website for their business. Many people rely solely on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Etsy or YouTube to be their online presence and home base for orders and information. As we have seen in recent times, the stability of these platforms is not always stable nor guaranteed to be around forever.

Even DIY website options like Wix and Square Space are not guaranteed to be around forever, making it all the more important to have a stand alone website for your business. You wouldn’t want to rent a home forever when you could buy something permanent, so why do that with your business’ online home?

do i need a website for my business?

Why Do I Need a Website for my Business?

  • Having a website gives you permanent real estate for your business.
  • You have control over what you do and post.
  • You aren’t relying solely on another platform to generate sales.
  • You are able to reach new audiences.
  • It’s important to be omni-channel in your marketing efforts.
  • Having an established website helps you to appear more legit.

Ask yourself, “if Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Square Space were to disappear today, where would that leave my business?

If your answer is “Oh, crap!” – that’s a pretty good sign that it’s time to level up your business with a new custom website.

Give us a call today or shoot us an email to see how we can help! Website turnaround times are as little as just 1-2 weeks. You can view our recent website work on our portfolio page.