Idea, and then all the rest.

Idea... and then the rest.

The best designs can’t help you

If you don’t have a product or idea you believe in.

If you’ve poked your nose around my website or social media, you’ll notice I’m a firm believer in my “Design. Market. Succeed.” approach to business. It works wonders for businesses and creatives… but I got to thinking about the process success in the wee hours one night and thus followed this blog post.

None of those things can help if you don’t have a solid idea or product. Some pride themselves on being able to ” sell ice to a penguin” or something like that but that strategy doesn’t create a customer base or fans of your brand. You have to really know your business or product. How it is made, why it is valuable to your customers, who you are as a company and why you do what you do.

I tell my clients at the beginning of a branding project to be prepared to soul search if you don’t know any of those things. Because I can’t help you if you don’t know who you are as a company. We can work together towards that, but it’s impossible to build a brand on nothing. I put together a quick worksheet to help you if you are feeling particularly lost in this area. This is something I give my clients in the beginning stages if they’re lost. Let me know if you find it helpful or have any feedback.